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CSR commitment at the heart of digital transformation

Digital transformation has become an unavoidable necessity for companies wishing to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

Within our dynamic Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, we+ stands out not only for its proven expertise, but also for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilityeprises (CSR).

In 2023, we are proud to announce that the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, of which we are a part, has once again been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis Gold label. This achievement is testament to our collective commitment to sustainable business practices, the strength of our ecosystem collaboration and our determination to shape a responsible digital future.

we+: a pioneer in committed digital transformation

Founded on the principles of innovation, excellence and sustainability, we+ has rapidly established itself as a key player in the field of digital transformation. Our approach goes beyond simply implementing technological solutions; we strive to create a positive and measurable impact for our customers, while taking social and environmental issues into account. Byintegrating CSR concerns into our projects, we aim to generate long-term sustainable growth for both our customers and the planet.


A powerful affiliation: we+ at Alan Allman Associates

As an active member of the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, we+ benefits from a strategic synergy that strengthens our reach and impact. Alan Allman Associates brings together leading companies in different fields of expertise, all sharing a common vision of excellence and innovation. This affiliation allows us to exchange knowledge, explore new opportunities and collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds.


Obtaining the Ecovadis label

The EcoVadis Gold Label: testament to our CSR commitment

Achieving the EcoVadis Gold label for 2023 from the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem is a significant milestone in our CSR journey. EcoVadis rigorously assesses the CSR performance of companies, based on criteria such as the environment, human rights, business ethics and the supply chain. This recognition is testament to our ongoing efforts to embed these values at the heart of our operations.

Digital transformation is a powerful catalyst for change, but it must be guided by principles of sustainability and responsibility. we+ and the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem are proud to be awarded the EcoVadis Gold label in 2023, as it demonstrates our commitment to these values. Our collaboration within the ecosystem strengthens our ability to promote responsible digital transformation and create positive impact at scale. Together, we are demonstrating that technology and responsibility can coexist harmoniously to create a better future.

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