Digital Mobile application development

For many years, our Digital Services Center has been developing and supporting customers in the creation of tailor-made mobile applications for Android and iOS.

We design, develop, optimize and maintain your mobile application, putting usage and user experience at the heart of the project.


We use the technologies best suited to your business


The technologies we use enable us to develop hybrid and multi-OS mobile applications tailored to each project need, type and budget. Our innovative technological approach enables us to offer versatile and scalable solutions.

This expertise enables us to address key issues. We focus on a fluid and intuitive user experience using UX and UI design techniques. To guarantee the security of sensitive user information, we incorporate robust measures to ensure confidentiality and data protection. Finally, we take into account the maintainability of applications in order to provide future-proof and flexible solutions.

Thanks to our in-depth expertise, whatever your project, we're ready to work with you to develop a high-performance, secure and sustainable mobile application.


Application security

We+ always pays particular attention to application security in its developments. That's why healthcare organisations trust us with the development of their mobile applications. Thanks to our expertise and rigorous approach to security, we are able to meet specific requirements, while ensuring reliable and secure mobile applications.

Key factors for project success

We will make your project a success by following a tried and tested and flexible creation method. The aim will be to develop a mobile application that ticks at least each of the following boxes: a user experience tailored to your traffic, smooth navigation on a reliable and secure application, application availability on your target OS, end-to-end project support for application creation.

A project?

Our experience and expertise guarantee you total satisfaction in achieving your objectives.

We are a source of ideas for your company thanks to:


  • Support as your application evolves
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • A close collaboration
  • Tell us more about your project request.

+ Expertise

Third-party Application Maintenance

Our experts specialising in WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile technologies are trained to understand and meet each new challenge, offer you technical and tailor-made support, and guarantee solutions tailored to your problem.


AGL PC Soft migration

we+ puts its best consultants at your disposal, experts in upgrading WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile applications, to support you and monitor the progress of your project over time.