Expertise Project Management

We+ supports companies in their transformation, through our Consulting and IS Project Management offering, by taking a firm stand on the business side!

From auditing your organization and data flows, to implementing strategic projects (structuring, digital), we+ deploys its experts at different phases of your projects.

Our expertise is based on various methodologies: Agile, Prince 2, PMI, Lean.

Project Management:
Support and expertise


Our aim is to provide the best possible response to your operational requirements and challenges by designing an approach as well as an organisation tailored to your project and your needs.

Our Project Management experts are on hand to support you throughout your transformation, respecting each of these key stages:

  • The identification and analysis of requirements listed in a specification.
  • Conducting a scoping phase that enables the identified needs to be met by detailing all the resources required to carry out the project.
  • Conducting an implementation phase, based on the scoping phase, which develops the solution that will meet the need.
  • Conducting a testing phase, during which the deliverables are evaluated on the basis of the specifications and specifications from the scoping phase.
  • The production launch of the solution.
  • The maintenance of the solution.

we+ experts work as part of a team and are aware of the importance of the collective in order to increase their productivity and ensure the success of each project carried out.


Project Management at we+

Customer support

We+ experts are dedicated to the success of your project. They familiarise themselves with the files and portfolios entrusted to them. Our team creates tools to help you track, steer and govern your strategy with confidence. We also ensure that the organisation's issues and strategy are clearly explained to stakeholders.

Monitoring and steering

At we+, our consultants focus on people and collaboration to ensure the success of all projects. They assess the situation, the challenges, the needs and the costs in a pragmatic way. As a driving force, they stimulate innovation and, where necessary, change thanks to their expertise in project management. Our teams support the creation of business cases and accompany both the implementation and monitoring of projects.

Quality and success

The diversity of our experts' profiles enables us to provide all the skills needed and adapted to your projects, and therefore to ensure their success.
The result is clear: efficiency in the implementation of each project and real time savings.
This is our guarantee of success for all our customers, building a relationship based on mutual trust and a win/win partnership.


Actors of your transformation,.
Co-authors of your success!