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Use Case Melco club iOS application

Goals of the project

MelcoClub is a client-facing app representing the company and facilitating the relationships by providing the information needed by patrons at the properties, providing booking and redemption services, tracking loyalty points and giving access to all of the club benefits. MelcoClub is one of the main company’s focus, It is one of the strategic direction the company heavily invests in.

The missions

  • Design, implement and enhance mobile applications according to business and design specifications
  • Ensure quality and performance according to specifications
  • Implement pertinent test cases to prevent regression
  • Mentor junior team members


  • Implemented instant draw feature with geofence monitor support
  • Implemented analytics events across the app.
  • Improved unit test coverage across the app.
  • Refactored system permission request flow.
  • Mentored junior teammates for debugging.