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Goals of the project

  • Background: SPACE Tag Center application is responsible of the calculation of attributes (called tags) linked to various loyalty program features

    Goals of the project:

    • Tag Center as a single source of truth for all customer attributes
    • Automation in creating real-time customer segments & marketing activation to downstream systems

The missions

  • As project manager, ensure proper planning of timeline and resources for project delivery
  • Drive business requirement analysis with business and IT teams for all 30 tags
  • Collaborate with tag center vendor delivery of data platform for 3 markets in North Asia: TW, JP, KR, (HK in progress)
  • Coordinate System Integration Testing (SIT) with SPACE technical Team
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support, and troubleshoot issues in Jira


  • Led the successful launch of SPACE tag center within target timeline and budget for 2 markets, TW, JP, currently on track for KR on Dec-23
  • Built data visualization dashboards in Excel during UAT phase to identify and ensure timely resolution issues within target SLA
  • Performed tag center data validation exercise from different source systems and resulted to a 95% data accuracy
  • Conducted weekly project meetings with stakeholders including business team, developers, IT product owner, and local market to ensure all project milestones are delivered timely