Formation interne sur les concepts Agile, Jira et Confluence

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Training in Agile, Jira and Confluence concepts

At we+, as part of our WE+CARE programme, we place training at the heart of our strategy. Supporting consultants throughout their professional development is one of our priorities. What's more, our Business Community enables us to take advantage of collective intelligence to share and develop the expertise of each individual.

Support for consultants through in-house training

At the request of two of our consultants, a training course was conducted by Anis, an expert consultant on Agile methodology and the Jira and Confluence tools. The aim of this training was to help them develop and deepen their know-how on these concepts.

This training has been very beneficial for our consultants, Christine and Damien. They had both expressed a desire to train and perfect their knowledge of Agile, Jira and Confluence concepts.


Familiarising yourself with the Agile methodology

For Christine, this training course was an opportunity to immerse herself in Agile methodology. Having expressed a desire to understand this project management approach and to position herself as an expert, she had begun self-training.

However, she quickly realised that to achieve her goals, more structured and in-depth training was needed. That’s when she brought her need in-house. Our Business Unit team responded by organising this training on Agile, Jira and Confluence concepts.

This training has been very rewarding for me, it has enabled me to develop a solid understanding of the Agile methodology. Now I feel totally at ease with all the aspects associated with it. The skills I have acquired through this training will be extremely valuable in my future professional projects. I feel ready to take on new challenges with confidence.


Getting the most out of the Jira and Confluence tools

Damien, on the other hand, wanted to deepen his knowledge of the Jira and Confluence tools, while perfecting his use of them. The training course led by Anis perfectly met his expectations. A unique opportunity for him to learn under the guidance of an expert.

I wanted to deepen and develop my skills on the Jira and Confluence tools. Personally, I think it’s very important to be able to train with the advice, explanations and best practices of an expert who listens and is open to discussion. My aim was really to improve my skills so that, in the near future, I could use this training to develop professionally by becoming the creator and pilot of the projects I was working on.


Developing in-house skills


Training, a pillar of professional success

We would like to congratulate Christine and Damien on their commitment and willingness to develop their skills. Their willingness to train and develop is an inspiring example for all the consultants at the firm. We are also grateful to Anis for sharing his expertise and contributing to the success of this training course.

So, at we+, we see continuing education as an essential pillar of professional success. We will continue to support and accompany our consultants in their development, with an emphasis on acquiring skills and exploring new technologies.

Thanks to our training-focused approach, we are able to provide our experts with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their field. This enables them to develop their careers and seize new professional opportunities.